Feminism's Fourth Wave: Spirituality Rituals

New women's spirituality rituals

| March 2005

Like poetry or jazz, women's spirituality is a wellspring of creative new forms of ritual expression. Here are several samples of what women are doing when they come together in a sacred way to change the world.

Planting a Seed of Hope

After a time of silence in a beautiful natural setting, chose in silence a large fava bean from a basket full of beans, and a permanent marker from another basket full of pens, and write on the bean a few words to describe your personal commitment to a new world. Then plant your beans in a long row cut in the earth, grounding that action with a prayer.
Created by Marilyn Miller, Venture County, California for the Gather The Women Congress

Blessing of the Beads

In this ritual -- which comes from an actual dream with a Native American Elder -- each woman is asked to bring prayer beads, rosaries, or any other meaningful symbol of her personal faith. After sitting for some moments in silence in a circle, each woman then passes her beads to the woman next to her. As each woman holds another woman's prayer beads in the palm of her hand, she concentrates on the unique soul and life experiences of that woman. After blessing it, she then passes it to the woman next to her, until all of the women in the circle have blessed each other's beads. In this way, women honor each other's individual life path and faith tradition-weaving together a blessing basket of peace and harmony.
Created by Pythia Peay, Washington, D.C., for a Women Weaving a Culture of Harmony workshop

Rising From the Ashes