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Web site review, Al Paulson
One summer morning in the past, as the sun rose over the storied
spires and arches of Paris, I sat on the grave of rock legend Jim
Morrison and drank a beer. It wasn’t an act of desecration, but an
act of homage and reverence. And, were I the type to throw an empty
beer can in a random direction, that can could have easily landed
on the grave of Chopin, or Bizet, or Marcel Proust, for that
matter. I relate this story for the benefit of anyone who has ever
sought out the final resting place of someone famous. Now you need
look no further than, where you
can search a database of more than 2,599,000 entries by name,
location, claim to fame, or date. Many results come with photos and
maps. But this site is not just for the rich and famous and
deceased, it also allows you to search for relatives and create
virtual memorials.
–Al Paulson

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