Florida Tree Ordinance Saves Energy, Money

| July 18, 2000

Florida Tree Ordinance Saves Energy, Money, Lucy Chubb, Environmental News Network
Gainesville, Florida, has it made in the shade--because the city cares about its trees, writes Lucy Chubb on the Environmental News Network. 'Gainesville's arboreal awareness is saving its citizens money on electricity bills compared to residents of nearby, less wooded municipalities, according to a study by the University of Florida.' Under the ordinance, even private property owners must obtain a permit before cutting down any tree with a trunk larger than 30 inches in diameter. Also, the city employs a full-time arborist whose job is to maintain Gainesville's shady character. According to the University of Florida study, residents of neigboring towns pay an average $120 more per year for electricity due to increased air-conditioning costs. -- LUGo there>>