For Amber Waves of Grain

| March / April 2006

The 2007 Farm Bill: who is gearing up for a food fight, and why you should care

Every four to six years, Congress hunkers down to write, debate, and pass the Farm Bill, a mammoth piece of legislation with sweeping implications for a surprisingly broad range of issues.

If you care about wetlands, or advocate for the hungry, or believe in better nutrition for schoolchildren, or just want to keep breathing clean air, you should pay attention to the Farm Bill. You will also want to follow the debate and horse trading around the omnibus bill -- which have already started and promise to kick into high gear this summer -- if you are concerned about issues as diverse as water quality, sprawl, genetic engineering, renewable energy, food safety, biodiversity, organic farming, corporate control of the food system, and the reinvigoration of rural America.

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