Forget the Jokes, Fruitcake is Serious Business

| November 29, 2001

Forget the Jokes, Fruitcake is Serious Business, Jason Zasky, Failure Magazine
Failure Magazine writer Jason Zasky travels to the Fruitcake Capital of America, Claxton, Georgia, to get the scoop on fruitcake. Even though its products are much maligned, the industry sells millions of pounds of fruitcake each year. So for those of us who have yet to enjoy a piece, what are we doing wrong? John Womble, 44, one of the owners and operators of the Georgia Fruit Cake Company, says, 'I believe the reason a lot of people don't like fruitcake is because they eat them when they're fresh. They forget that fruitcake is supposed to be made, wrapped in an airtight container and then put away.' How long do we have to wait? The cake should sit from one to three months 'to achieve its optimal taste.'
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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