For the Dismissal of Objectivity in News

| August 18, 2003

With such right-wing ideologues as Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly dominating the media, Williams Cole argues in The Brooklyn Rail that 'objectivity' is obsolete and that liberals must respond with unabashedly leftist viewpoints. Drastic measures are needed for troubled times, he writes. Fox News has risen to levels of massive popularity and the 'loudmouthed, aggressively conservative O'Reilly Factor got a greater audience in the 8 PM slot than all of the other cable news channels combined.'

For years conservative pundits have successfully labelled the mainstream media as being too liberal, a charge that has had the effect of pushing network news shows to include more conservative views. Unlike the very strong diversity of viewpoints featured in the European media, there has been no consistent mainstream voice in America countering the Fox propaganda machine.

Corporate ownership of the media makes it unlikely that the mainstream will swing back toward the left any time soon. So, in order to counter the imbalance, Cole argues that the best hope for liberal media is to shelve the idea of objectivity for the time being and 'come out swinging.'
-- Joel Stonington

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