Freecycling in Tuscon

| July 9, 2003

Looking to ?recycle? that old chair, TV, fax machine, or door? You?re not alone. Every town has lots of people who?d rather see their old stuff go to good use than end up on the trash heap. A local recycling group in Tuscon called ?Downtown Don?t Waste It? has created the Tuscon Freecycle Network, an innovative project that harnesses the power of email to connect those who would give away their possessions with those who would have them. Through a simple Yahoo! Groups email list, any member of the community can post a note about an item they?d like to give away, or an item they are seeking. The only rule: every item posted must be free. The concept has found an eager audience. Nearly 800 people have joined the list since its inception in>?Leif Utne

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8/20/2008 9:12:24 PM

hi . i just moved back to tuscon from alaska ,yes alask well . i dont have a THING to wear , except wool socks , wool sweaters , muck locks . get the idea ? i'm a plus sized gal , that can use any thing ....... please helpa cold bloodedgal , kate