From the Stacks: February 17, 2006

Febuary 17, 2006

| February 2006

Utne receives some 1,200 magazines, newsletters, journals, weeklies, and zines. Add in hundreds of books, CDs, and DVDs, and it's a flood of media that lines the walls of our library and piles high on our desks. All the ideas, people, and stories inspire lively daily chatter, but can't all fit into our bimonthly magazine. So we've decided to share the gems here: Welcome to the fourth edition of "From the Stacks," a new weekly feature on Check in every Friday for the freshest highlights of the independent and alternative media.

The February 6 issue of High Country News , a nonprofit biweekly "for people who care about the West," features a compelling cover story titled "The Killing Fields," by hunter Hal Herring. This report on the slaughter of bison on the border of Yellowstone National Park illustrates many of the things wrong with the idea that humans should attempt to manage the population of other species. "The killing of the buffalo by hunters right now feels ugly," Herring writes. "The 'hunt' feels controversial because the quarry as a whole is being treated with a combination of contempt, cruelty, and worst of all, indifference." Also notable in this issue: An essay by Mary Zeiss Stange about living amidst a landscape of towns named after generals who enforced the federal government's war policy against Native Americans. -- Chris Dodge

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