From the Stacks: February 24, 2006

February 24, 2006

| February 2006

Utne receives some 1,200 magazines, newsletters, journals, weeklies, and zines. Add in hundreds of books, CDs, and DVDs, and it's a flood of media that lines the walls of our library and piles high on our desks. All the ideas, people, and stories inspire lively daily chatter, but can't all fit into our bimonthly magazine. So we've decided to share the gems here: Welcome to the fifth edition of "From the Stacks," a new weekly feature on Check in every Friday for the freshest highlights of the independent and alternative media.

Wanderlust takes us all from time to time, but when you just can't get away, reading vagabond missives can be the next best thing. Issue 53 of 2004 Utne Independent Press Award winner Moonlight Chronicles -- hot off the presses -- could be just what you need to (almost) feel the free and easy night sky pass blissfully over you. The newest issue delivers a daily sketchbook chronicle from intrepid peripatetic philosopher D. Price, taking you a'wandering through Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, and the writer's luminous ruminations. The pocket-sized booklet reads like an 8-year-old speaks: honest, charming, and, at times, blindingly brilliant. -- Nick Rose