General Excellence (Newsletters) 2001

| November/December 2001

Business Ethics

The bimonthly newsletter remains the single best source of information and trends among socially responsible business, cheering on the pioneering companies while exposing the greenwashers.

Insider's report on responsible business.
Marjorie Kelly, editor

Mavis Publications, Inc.
2845 Harriet Ave. Suite 207
Minneapolis,MN 55408
Subscription address:
Box 8439
Minneapolis, MN 55408
$49/yr. (6 issues)



This bimonthly bulletin of the Council for Responsible Genetics monitors the social, ethical, and environmental implications of biotechnology.

Monitoring the social impact of biotechnology.
Council for Responsible Genetics.
5 Upland Rd., Suite 3
Cambridge,MA 02140
Subscription address: same as above
$24/yr. (6 issues)

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