Get Your War On

| October 25, 2002

Get Your War On, Web site review by Erica Sagrans
If you're tired of all the euphemisms and rhetoric of the war against terrorism, look no further than David Rees' 'Get Your War On' online comic. The strip chronicles a group of disillusioned office workers venting in profanity-filled phone calls about their lives and our nation's involvement with multiple wars. Though intended for a small audience, in its first two weeks online 'Get Your War On' received more than 5 million hits; in April it was written up in the New York Times, and it now has a compilation book on the way. Though the comic was born out of Rees' own post-9/11 depression ('I feel like this strip will be valuable only if it expresses how bad I'm feeling,' he says), for many others it has been a source of amusement, truth, and snickers in an otherwise-bleak year.
--Erica Sagrans
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