Gis a Job, mate

| August 23, 2002

Gis a Job, mate?, Fiona Osler, Get Ethical
What becomes of former dictators when their 'glory days' of ousting governments and terrorizing and getting rich off of its citizens are over? In the case of one 'Valentine Stasser,' reputed by Fiona Osler in Get Ethical to be a 'former dictator of Sierra Leone,' moving back home, sponging off mom and trying to get a job is the only option. After a coup overthrew Stasser's regime and shattered his plans of lifetime dictatorship, 'Thankfully,' says Osler, 'Mum was there to wipe his tears and is proving very understanding about her lazy-arse son cluttering up the front room.' The only problem is, with no other job skills besides 'a talent to undemocratically take over countries,' who will hire him?
--Julie Madsen
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