How to Get Ready for the Global Eco-Village Movement


Why leave the city and join the village people, you may wonder? Are you tired of stress, anxiety, unhealthy food, chlorinated water, traffic jams, air and noise pollution, paying rent, not having time to pursue your real interests and passions?

Do you want to live a life more in balance with nature? Are you looking for more meaning in your daily life? More real connections with people, time in nature, time to pursue your interests and dreams, fresh food straight from the ground around you, deep sleep at night, bubbling streams, and cooing birds?

Living in an ecovillage may just be the antidote to many of the ills of modern urban life. Humans have lived in small settlements with close kin and extended tribal family in tandem with the cycles of nature for hundreds of thousands of years, and some psychologists say that current unprecedented levels of depression, stress, anxiety, drug addiction, and suicide are due to this fundamental disconnect from our past close relationships with each other and with nature.

An ecovillage is an intentional community committed to becoming more sustainable. In practice, this means that the resource inputs for the necessities of living come from local sources and are by and are by and large derived directly from nature in a way that allows nature to perpetually replenish itself and continually supply the needed materials. Ecovillages are also designed using whole systems design principles, to maximize overall quality of life for humans.

Here’s a 10-step guide to help you get started making the shift.

4/26/2016 11:48:55 PM

You had me until the first photo of the poor, forcibly impregnated and exploited goat whose baby was taken away so some other species could steal the milk she made for her baby. And then probably you would kill her. No amount of smiling makes that okay. >_< Or in harmony with nature. You wouldn't want it done to you, so don't do it to someone who can feel pain and suffer, who loves their family like you, and wants to give meaning to their own lives like you, please. Animals are not ours to use, wear, experiment on, eat, or confine for entertainment. There's nothing spiritual or loving about murder: killing is no kindness. How can it ever be humane to kill someone who wanted to live?

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