Green Group Comes Under Right-Wing Attack

| July 2, 2001

Green Group Comes Under Right-wing Attack

The anti-environmental atmosphere that settled like a blanket of smog around Washington, D.C., with the arrival of the new president has several right-wing industrial cabals flexing their muscles. And the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), an environmental organization dedicated to preserving old-growth forests and rainforests worldwide, has become a prime target.

'A trio of anti-environmental groups and companies is launching a multi-tiered attack on the Rainforest Action Network,' reports Don Hazen in the alternative online news source Alternet. One of the goals of this conservationally incorrect cadre, writes Hazen, is to get the IRS (you know who they are) to revoke RAN's non-profit status.

Spearheading the attack is a group called Frontier Freedom Foundation (FFF), which was founded by Dick Cheney's buddy and former Wyoming Senator Malcom Wallup, and is funded by tobacco, oil, and (not coincidentally) timber money.

he timber/paper behemoth Boise Cascade Corporation (BCC) is heading up the second wave of the assault, mailing threatening letters to RAN's funders and supporters--including the principals of schools where students have written to BCC about their logging policies.

And finally, reinforcing the ranks of the FFF is the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, commandeered by Ron Arnold of 'wise use' fame. Arnold and the Center's weapon comes in the form of propaganda, which he wields with a heavy hand--referring to RAN's goals as an 'anti-capitalist and anti-corporate agenda of force, intimidation, and unlawful actions.' In fact, Arnold's Goebbelsque accusations have gone as far as linking the nonviolent RAN with such controversial militant environmental groups as the Earth Liberation Front.

RAN supporters claim the IRS tactic has little chance of succeeding and vow that the assault will simply strengthen their resolve. 'Let there be no doubt,' RAN executive director Christopher Hatch says, 'the work to protect our forests will not only continue, but escalate.'
--Al Paulson
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