Green Innovators

| May 22, 2002

Green Innovators, Ian Connacher, Shift magazine
'The sky may be falling, but not everyone is sitting back and waiting for it to come crashing to the ground,' Ian Connacher writes in the current issue of Shift magazine. Profiling '30 people who are using technology to clean up the planet,' Connacher highlights the famous and obscure: from R. Buckminster Fuller of Geodesic dome fame, to Jolene Latimer, 13, who started an environmental camp in Alberta. Here you can learn all about Gina Gallant from Prince George, British Columbia. In first grade she created paper out of broccoli, in fifth grade she created crackers that don't get soggy, and currently, at age 15, she created PolyAggreRoad, PAR, using discarded plastic bottles. She pitched her latest innovation to a company that will create a road using PAR this month. 'Here's hoping,' writes Connacher, 'their actions inspire you to join -- or keep up -- the cause.'
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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