Greetings, Earthlings: Ed?s Musings from Space

Presenting Ed Lu, America?s first outer-space pen-pal! Currently
residing on the International Space Station with Russian cosmonaut
Yuri Malenchenko, Lu periodically publishes his memoirs via the
NASA web site. He gives us in-depth explanations of such
experiences as travelling on Russian space ship Soyuz with the
Expedition 7 crew, and his favorite pastime?tracking the clouds and
the oceans over his adopted hometown of Honolulu (Lu was actually
born in Springfield, Massachusetts). He also walks us through the
day-to-day details of life in outer space, from the experience of
spaceship dining to the aerobic workouts that prevent muscular
atrophy in zero-G.
?Erin Ferdinand

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Earthlings: Ed?s Musings From Space

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