Historic Route 66 Writing Down the Mother Road

| August 9, 2000

Historic Route 66 Writing Down the Mother Road, Raymond Dussault, Book Magazine
It's hard to imagine a road anywhere in the world that has provided so many writers -- from Steinbeck to Kerouac -- with as much creative inspiration as the fabled Route 66. Born in the 1920s as a proud symbol of America's westward expansion, the trail that led thousands of migrants to the West Coast, fueling Southern California's post-war boom, now represents something quite different. In an essay on the website of Book Magazine, Raymond Dussault traces the history of this asphalt muse. 'Torn and tattered as it is, Route 66 connects the Main Streets of hundreds of American towns like no other road in the country. And it connects thousands of people to an America they can barely remember, to a time of hope and individuality they thought was lost.' -- LUGo there>>

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