History Happened Here: A Taste of the Wine Country

History Happened Here: A Taste of the Wine
Carla Davidson, American Heritage
California’s Sonoma County is famous for its wine, but not as much
is known about the rich immigrant history that made it what it is
today. In American Heritage, Carla Davidson visits
the many family vineyards of the region and revisits their past. In
the lush scenery of wine country, Davidson describes how the past
is still crucial to the way the wine is made today, down to using
the 100 year-old casks that have been passed down through
generations of winemakers. Tradition is also strong in the way of
life in wine country, as Davidson says: ‘Sandi Martini Coero
recalls a tradition started in the 1950s when her grandfather,
Elmo, and his friends would gather at the end of a day to talk and
uncork some red wine. This led to other locals appearing, jug in
hand, to fill up on the house red. Five years ago, the younger
Martinis revived the custom.’
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