Holy Orgasm!

| January 10, 2003

?When you woke up this morning, you knew that something was missing in your life,? reads the Divine Interventions Web site. ?It wasn?t the new car, the new job, the boyfriend or the girlfriend. But now you know: it?s the Baby Jesus Butt Plug.? Along with Jesus, Divine Interventions sells Virgin Mary, Buddha, and Devil-shaped dildoes, as well as offering forums for debate about the religious icon sex toys, and a space for haikus from satisfied customers. Despite the toys? novelty, Nigel R., an enviornmental attorney by day, has had trouble translating his vision into actual sales. Some have claimed the toys are too flimsy or too expensive, while other sex toy stores want to avoid offending possible customers. In a world where most taboos have been broken, mixing sex and religion in such a blatant way could be one line that many would rather not cross. Yet as Chloe Veltman notes in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, ?Perhaps if people could buy a Baby Jesus butt plug over the counter at Walgreens along with a box of aspirin and a pack of fruit-flavored condoms, there wouldn?t be so much unhappiness in the world.?

--Erica Sagrans

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