How to Get Started as an Actor

Me –
on TV? How to Get Started as an Actor,
Hassan Nicholas,
LA Youth
Unless you’re a Trekkie or an avid fan of PBS’s Kidsongs, you
probably won’t recognize Hassan Nicholas. Now 18, Nicholas has been
acting since he was 10 – mostly in bit parts on TV shows. Nicholas
represents the bulk of struggling actors who work year-round trying
to get auditions and going to tryouts, only to be employed about a
week out of the year. What money he does earn, he says in LA
goes back into acting classes and head shots. But
that shouldn’t deter anyone – young or old – who wants to be a
star, he says. The treatment you get on the set is great, and the
feeling of winning a part is exhilarating.
–Kate Garsombke

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