How to Understand the Middle East

While the cradle of civilization can appear to be a miasma of
turmoil, the Middle East Research and Information Project untangles
issues through timely analysis, news, and background. MERIP is the
web site of Middle East Report, a leftist magazine based
in Washington D.C., that French journalist Eric Roueau says, ‘no
person, specializing or not in Middle Eastern affairs, can afford
ignoring.’ Searchable by subject — such as oil, human rights,
women, Iraq, and the Arabian peninsula, to name a few — MERIP
serves as a valuable resource for studying the area. Additionally,
there is a focus on events dominating the news — especially the
war in Iraq — while also providing history, including a
backgrounder on the US-led war in Iraq and a primer of the
Arab-Israeli conflict. Always wondered what exactly was going on in
the Middle East? Now you can figure it out.
Joel Stonington

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