I'd Like To Force The World To Sing - The Making of a Yes Generation

| July 9, 2001

I'd Like To Force The World To Sing - The Making of a Yes Generation, Joshua Glenn, The Baffler
I sometimes wonder if the whole world isn't just one big conspiracy theory--a conspiracy to make us believe in conspiracies. And if you like to dip your toes into the roiling waters of such theories, you'll definitely want to read Joshua Glenn's piece in the irreverent cultural critique zine The Baffler. Glenn outlines a nefarious plot by former Dan Quayle chief of staff William Kristol to counter the 'legendarily disaffected' Generation X with the sly formation of a 'Yes Generation,' or 'Generation Y'. Kristol's hope was that Generation Y would 'rebel against rebellion itself' and restore the square, right-wing zeitgeist that 'fellow reactionaries had cultivated so carefully over the Reagan-Bush years.' The scheme: To market the new American youth conscience through soda pop. It sounds wacky, sure, but if you're familiar with the CIA and wacky right-wing exploits of the past, it's not so unbelievable.
--Al Paulson
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