If They Didn't Do It for the Money, How Did They Get So Rich?

| November/December 2000

'We're not doing this to make money.'

--David Hering, board member of Alwyn Court, a landmark apartment building in Manhattan now wrapped in a six-story advertisement for FamilyWonder.com. (New York Times, 4/16/00)

'I'm not in this for money.'

--Barrie Dolnick, author of The Executive Mystic, a former ad man, now a psychic and consultant who helps CEOs channel their 'intuitive power.' (CNN, 3/3/98)

'I'm not in this for the money.'

--Benno Schmidt, on his decision to quit as president of Yale University to head Edison Schools, the latest for-profit 'educational' venture from Chris Whittle, founder of Channel One. Edison raised over $122 million in capital when it went public in 1994. (60 Minutes, 11/14/99)

'I didn't go into DrKoop.com to make money. I did it to change the way that medicine is practiced.'