Increase Your Energy IQ

| July / August 2004

The more you know about green energy, the more you'll save

Amid reports of climate change and growing global tensions, many Americans seem strangely fond of their low energy IQs. We gas up our cars, cool down our houses, and figure the power will always be there when we flip the switches. As for renewable energy sources like solar power and wind, there's more buzz in the media about energy drinks.

But rising costs may soon force us to become more energy conscious, if not obsessed. As oil supplies tighten over the next decade or so, two bucks for a gallon of gas will look like the good old days, but that'll be the least of our worries. We tend to burn far more energy than people in poorer countries do, and our abundance often comes at their expense. Social unrest and ecological damage are just part of the price we're asking the world to pay so we can remain its energy gluttons.