India’s Positive Action, Steely Endeavours and Quiet Triumphs

Positive Action, Steely Endeavours and Quiet Triumphs,, website review by Sara V. Buckwitz
After years of reading torrents of dismal Indian news, 58-year-old
D V Sridharan opted to highlight the positive stories that rarely
get play time and to publish them on his website, Sridharan regularly updates the
site with stories such as the success of the war on poverty, the
benefits of organic farming, and emphasis on India’s achievements.
As outlined in its mission statement, the site specifically aims:
‘To create a community that will participate in the growth and
maintenance of this site’s endeavour. To host only those stories
that are well-researched and are without hype or jingoism. To serve
as a complete and reliable database of contact information for the
persons and places covered by the stories.’ GoodNewsIndia
has much to teach the American media about how and what to
–Sara V. Buckwitz

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