Instant Runoff Voting

| December 1, 2000

Instant Runoff Voting, Center for Voting and Democracy,The Center for Voting and Democracy
The concept of 'instant runoff voting' probably hasn't settled as deeply into your consciousness as the 'chad' (dimpled chads, hanging chads, pregnant chads...oh dear), but this election reform is quickly garnering attention throughout the United States. The Center for Voting and Democracy has devoted a page in their online library to it. In contrast to plurality voting, the page tells us, instant runoff voting ensures a majority rule because it allows voters to rank their candidates in order of preference instead of simply picking one over the other. It represents true democracy since it 'allows all voters to vote for their favorite candidate without fear of helping elect their least favorite candidate, and it ensures that the winner enjoys true support from a majority of the voters.'
--Anjula Razdan
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