Iraq Indymedia Site Launched

| June 20, 2003

Activists and journalists in Iraq and volunteers in Bristol, UK, have established Iraq?s first Indy Media website,, as ?a publishing forum for grassroots media activity in Iraq, Baghdad, and other cities for anyone who wants to participate.? The site can be read in English and Arabic. Al Muajaha?s newspaper, the Iraqi Witness, is expected to be published from Baghdad with no ties to U.S.-sponsored media. One author on the Iraq website states, ?Individuals from Bristol are flying out to Iraq as we speak, to show support and to help the people out there, and more are likely to travel over in the next weeks and months, including an ambulance with medical supplies. Respect to the bravery of everyone involved.? The Independent Media Center is a network of collectively run websites, the first of which was established in Seattle to provide grassroots, eyewitness news coverage of the World Trade Organization protests in 1999. Other cities in the United States followed suit, and today there are Indymedia websites in many countries worldwide.
?Anne Geske

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