Jewish Readings of Dylan Lyrics

| May 30, 2001

Jewish Readings of Dylan Lyrics, web site review by Al Paulson
At the dawn of the turbulent 60's, a young songwriter emerged on the hip folk scene with a rusty razor voice and an ear tuned to social consciousness. And while his craft matured and expanded, the controversy surrounding him and his art twirled and spiraled out, just as his lyrical prowess flowered into impressionistic explosions of metaphor and poetic satire. On a web site called Jewish Readings of Dylan Lyrics the host explores the frail connection between some of Dylan's philosophical musings and the ancient writings contained in the metaphysical 13th century Jewish manifesto, the Kabbalah. Drawing from the text of such Bob Dylan songs as 'Gates of Eden', 'Dignity', and 'Ring Them Bells', the Web site attempts to analyze the cryptic lyrics of a young poet who has spent much of his career denying any social import he's been accused of. The site is clearly not out to convert believers out of cynics and expresses such . The artistic analysis of Dylan's poetry is well worth contemplating to anyone who loves the English language and it's most appealing symbolism.
--Al Paulson
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