Keeping Afghan Culture Alive

| November 12, 2001

Keeping Afghan Culture Alive, Web site review by Sara Buckwitz, Afghan Magazine
For the past 25 years, war and internal conflict ravaged the land and people of Afghanistan and decimated the arts and humanities. To pay homage to his heritage, a man with a Web site dedicates his life to preserving Afghan culture. Publisher Farhad Azad started in 1997 'to help bring awareness to the arts and culture of the Afghan people.' According to an article in Wired, Azad recently left a job in the technology sector to work full time on the site, even though he makes no money from it. It's hard to imagine that he even held a job when you look at the immensity of the site. To navigate the site, you pick links from one of 13 different categories of content, ranging from music and visual arts to travelogues, history, and poetry. From the moment you enter the site you will find artifacts of Afghan culture that address the loss. The cover image for the current edition, Women Musicians of Bamiyan, is an interpretation of a fresco that hung in the main chamber of the Bamiyan giant Buddha, which the Taliban regime destroyed last spring.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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Learn more about Farhad Azad in the Wired Article, Afghan Archivist of Culture, by Robin Clewley.