Knock, Knock Let Us In

| July 12, 2002

Knock, Knock-- Let Us In, Banging on the Celluloid Closet, Justine Barda, Seattle Weekly
Queer film seems to be in a sorry state these days. According to Justine Barda, writing in the Seattle Weekly, 'It's self-involved, it's didactic, the plots are trite, the production values low.' But not necessarily on its own accord, because queer film is shaped by homophobic society from production to theater release. Barda writes that almost all queer film falls into several categories: the earnest coming-out story, the sexless romantic comedy, and the wacky mistaken-identity farce. The current condition reflects the economic realities of making films. American features about gay men with a budget of over a million dollars are produced 10 times more often than features about gay women. Barda concludes, 'Queer film won't really have arrived until a film's queerness is no longer a bar to its commerical success.'
--Maria Opitz
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