Last Call - 106

| July/August 2001

'‘YOU CAN’T BE HALF Jewish,’ is what Jews will say. ‘Which parent is it? Father? Then you’re not Jewish.’ Most Jews, religious or not, will say this. . . . Proust was half Jewish. Dorothy Parker was half Jewish. Frida Kahlo was half Jewish. Walter Mosley is half Jewish and half black. Adrienne Rich is half Jewish but solved it by being a lesbian. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leading Russian right winger, is half Jewish (and clearly crazy); Grigory Yavlinsky, the leading Russian liberal, is half Jewish. From my perspective (am I the only person who has realized this?) anybody with one Jewish parent is half Jewish.'
Andrew Moss, University of California medical school professor, (Dec. 7, 2000)

'MY SAYING IS, ‘When the going gets rough, the average get conservative.’ '
Henry Rollins, punk rock spoken word poet, Real Conversations (RE/Search 2001)

'IN MY OWN PRACTICE and rhetoric of simplicity I hoped to relinquish grim motives of Puritanism and apocalyptism in favor of the sensuous, for in our senses we are closest to our nature through our nature. Enjoying the least things—a chill glass of water, a moment of play with the cat, the sight of sunlight caught in the frost spangling the pine needles—has become my form of prayer, with ‘Thank you’ for ‘Amen.’'
Stephanie Mills, environmental activist, Resurgence, (Nov./Dec. 2000)

'I AM PRETTY FEARLESS, and you know why? Because I don’t handle fear very well; I’m not a good terrified person. I learned that a long time ago. You know when you walk into your house and there’s nobody there and all the lights are out. . . . I just fearlessly go into the dark, because I know if I start creepin’ out that it’ll get me.'
Stevie Nicks, musician, Interview (May 2001)

'AMERICA IS NOT VIOLENT because of movies. Movies are violent because of America. Americans came here and murdered the indigenous population and committed genocide and created this free democratic culture based on the mass graves of the indigenous population. Mass murder is part and parcel of this culture.'
Ian Kerkhof, South African–born filmmaker, Comet (Spring 2001)

'I CAN SOMETIMES IDENTIFY with things our society sees as stereotypically male, the male part of myself. When I would catch myself objectifying my girlfriend or leering at women in the street, I was offended by myself for relating to that kind of energy.'
Amy Ray, Indigo Girl, Girlfriends (April 2001)

Number of 'coffee drinks' available at Starbucks, whose stores accommodate a stream of more than 5 million customers per week, most of whom hurry in and out ………… 26
Number of 'coffee drinks' available to Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and other beatnik writers as they sat in Greenwich Village coffeehouses listening to jazz and talking about art, literature, and life until dawn ………… 2
From World Watch (March/April 2001)

Compiled by Carey L.Biron, Colette Davidson, and Jeremy Swanson

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