Lavender Haze

| March 12, 2001

Lavender Haze, Tony Peregrin, New City
Though gay literature is no longer shunned, the question remains as to whether or not it can survive outside of the lavender section of the bookstore. Reporter Tony Peregrin interviews gay authors who share their opinions about the segregation of books with homosexual themes. Confining gay literature to one area makes it more accessible to people who have similar experiences, but some authors worry that heterosexual readers avoid lavender sections. A historian who Peregrin interviews says, '[G]ay writers are in a precarious situation: They want to be recognized beyond the boundaries of the label 'gay writer,' but they also want to foster a sense of identity for the gay community by being called 'gay writers' who are shelved in the 'gay' section.' Peregrin sees more incorporation of gay and straight themes in the future and suggests that readers can relate better to a more diverse group of characters.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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