Leaping the Abyss

| April 19, 2002

Leaping the Abyss, Gregory Benford, Reason Online
The debilitating effects of Lou Gehrig's disease over the past 20 years have done little to mute Stephen Hawking's passionate pursuit of the big questions, writes Gregory Benford in Reason Online. The brilliant British physicist has a new book out, The Universe in a Nutshell, and, at 60, continues to work, write, and teach. In a wide-ranging conversation, Hawking muses on the nature of time, the continuing search for a 'unified theory' of physics, and the 'cosmological' wonder of Marilyn Monroe. 'Stephen has faced daunting physical constrictions with a renewed attack on the large issues, on great sweeps of space and time,' Benford writes. 'Daily he struggles without much fuss against the narrowing that is perhaps the worst element of infirmity. I recalled him rapt with Marilyn, still deeply engaged with life, holding firmly against tides of entropy.'
--Craig Cox
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