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Our Webmaster steers you to 15 Web sites that could shake the world

| May/June 2001

Despite the storm clouds over dot-com land, some wonderful things are happening in cyberspace these days. The real action is no longer in the corporate suites and New Media sweatshops. It’s in the world of the dot-orgs—the Web sites of artists, activists, social observers, and journalists who are using the Internet not to make a quick buck, but rather to build a positive future. Here are a few sites worth scrolling through (including some dot-coms of note):

Action Network 


A project of the Environmental Defense Fund, this simple site helps you send faxes and e-mails to members of Congress and other decision makers on behalf of dozens of national and local environmental groups.

Alternative Medicine


This companion Web site to Alternative Medicine magazine has a directory of more than 19,000 alternative medicine practitioners in the United States and Canada—searchable by zip and area code.