Lessons from the Garbage Wars

Lessons from the Garbage Wars, Marjora
Carter, Gotham Gazette
Community activist Marjora Carter charts the influx of garbage,
trucking and pollution into the South Bronx. In response to the
recent plans to relocate the famed Fulton fish market to her
barrio, Carter advocates for a balance between development and
green space. In her article in the community webzine the
Gotham Gazette, she ties her personal background to
the history of the community. She writes, ‘It never occurred to me
that almost thirty years after watching the apartment buildings on
my block burn down, I would return to help to transform the
community that I had been determined to leave.’ She is helping to
ensure that the residents play a vital role in deciding the future
of the area. Check out this portrait of the South Bronx to see a
model for transforming your own neighborhood.
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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