Let Justice Roll Down

| February 15, 2002

Let Justice Roll Down, Martin Luther King Jr., The Nation
As part of Black History Month, The Nation has reprinted articles published in the magazine during its 136-year history, including an essay from Martin Luther King Jr. King wrote an annual essay on the state of civil rights for the magazine from 1961 to 1966. In 'Let Justice Roll Down,' which first appeared in The Nation's March 15, 1965 issue, King discusses the success of the Civil Rights movement and strategies for the future. Written after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, King remains optimistic about the future of equality, but stresses the importance of continuing the struggle. 'Growing out of the struggles of 1963 and 1964, new tactical devices will emerge,' he wrote. 'The most important single imperative is that we continue moving forward with the indomitable spirit of those two turbulent years.'
--Kate Garsombke
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