Loggers' Revenge: The Endangered Species Act Hits Seattle

| August 31, 2000

Loggers' Revenge: The Endangered Species Act Hits Seattle, Nina Shapiro, Seattle Weekly
Revenge may finally come for the loggers of the Northwest, who for years, branded as Neanderthals by urban environmentalists who couldn't hear rural concerns about lost livelihoods caused by federal protections for the spotted owl. Now, with the listing of Puget Sound Chinook as one of 14 endangered salmon and steelhead species, the feds are looking at imposing restrictions on the activities of city residents. 'Application of the ESA is testing Seattle's environmental principles as never before. And some people feel that the city is failing the test,' writes Nina Shapiro in the Seattle Weekly. 'At the least, Seattle's concern with economic impact and regulatory bureaucracy are an ironic echo of arguments formerly given little credence here when heard in the context of species listings in what was viewed as the sticks' -- LU

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