Lombardi's Web

| July / August 2004

An artist reveals the networks of power and money underlying the modern world

Though artist Mark Lombardi died in 2000, his work maintains a fascinating relevance today. Global Networks, a traveling exhibit featuring Lombardi's drawings, is on display at the Faulconer Gallery at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa through August 1. Organized by Independent Curators International, the seven-city tour will end after a stay at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto from September 10 to December 5. -- The Editors

If I could, I would ask Mark Lombardi a lot of questions. Questions like "To what extent did you realize Osama bin Laden posed a significant threat to America?" and "Does it scare you that an FBI agent requested to see one of your drawings just after the attacks on September 11?" And especially "Who are the real 'evil ones' the American public should be concerned about?" Unfortunately, I'll never ask him these questions -- Lombardi committed suicide in his Brooklyn studio in 2000. He was 48 years old.