McCarthyism Watch

Concerned about civil liberties in post-September 11 America?
Matthew Rothschild is. That?s why he launched McCarthyism Watch, a
web-based project of The Progressive, a monthly political
magazine which Rothschild edits from Wisconsin, home state of
legendary commie-hunter Senator Joseph McCarthy. Rothschild has
documented more than forty instances since September 11, 2001,
where citizens? rights have been disregarded by law enforcement due
to the current environment of fear, a painful reminder of the Red
Scare and McCarthyism of the ?40s and early ?50s. Among the
violations Rothschild draws to our attention: a ninth-grade English
teacher in New Mexico was suspended without pay for two days this
year when she refused to take down a ?No War With Iraq? sign in her
classroom. In another incident CIA and FBI agents entered the Art
Car Museum in Houston, TX on November 7, 2002 to ask questions
about artists and the curator of the exhibit ?Secret Wars,? which
featured anti-war statements commissioned before September 11. All
of this comes only weeks after the U.S. Government Printing Office
(GPO) made transcripts of closed-door hearings conducted by Senator
Joseph McCarthy accessible to the public. McCarthy and his staff
questioned almost 400 people about their alleged associations with
the Communist Party. How many people will be persecuted for being
allegedly unpatriotic before the new McCarthyism reaches its
breaking point?
?Nick Garafola

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