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| March 11, 2004

As we brace ourselves for the campaign mudslinging to come, much speculation has arisen concerning John Kerry's mass appeal. The Bush campaign is gearing up to label the Senator a 'Massachusetts liberal,' (with Massachusetts as a byword for effete, latte-sipping, out-of-touch-with-the-rest-of-America politics). But as Sam Parry points out in The Consortium News, in this mode of attack, the Bushies are 'confronting a new and unexpected obstacle' in the form of a certain red, white and blue clad team of Superbowl Champs.

Yes, Massachusetts is also the home of the Pats, the 'tough, resilient, blue-collar, 'waiver wire' team' that conquered the NFL. Parry thinks that the memory of 1.5 million Patriots fans celebrating the victory of a revered American pastime will be difficult for Bush to override.

Meanwhile, in an effort to reach the young'uns Howard Dean left behind, John Kerry has joined the popular networking website 'Friendster, whose 5.5 million registrants are 27 years old, on average, is a logical place to find the young voters,' reports Brian Hindo for Business Week. A quick perusal of Kerry's profile (only accessible to friendster members) finds the leading Democratic aspirant attempting to recast himself in a hipster's image. Join the site to find out about Kerry's jones for windsurfing, motorcycles, and protecting the environment, and his affection for musicians like Springsteen and movies like Animal House (or you can just take our word for it). Gushing testimonials from Kerry's friendsters include effusive pledges of support and solidarity like this one, from a Kerry fan named 'Benjamin': 'John's the type of dude where you're like, that guy can be our president.'
-- Eliza Thomas

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