Memo to Media Moguls

Memo to Media Moguls: Give Us Our ‘Leftwing
Dennis Hans, Common Dreams
Looking to fill a void in leftist political talk shows, humorist
Dennis Hans has come up with an idea for a TV show to perk up the
primetime lineup. It’s a show he likes to call, Leftwing Blondes.
‘As you know, rightwing blondes are so plentiful in public affairs
TV they’re a cliché,’ writes Hans in Common Dreams.
‘But where are their ideological opposites? Nowhere.’ A show
featuring leftwing blondes would speak directly to America and
disarm and charm the Heartland, Hans figures. The show would have
real liberals, too – not ‘some wimpy dude hand-picked by Pat
Buchanan’ and not Disney or G.E.’s idea of liberal. The leftwing
blondes on Hans’ show would be bona-fide liberals, he says, like
someone who’s up to speed on the latest reports from Human Rights
–Kate Garsombke
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