Miami Dispatch: 11/14

You say "Violence": We say "Gardens"

| November 2003 Issue

MIAMI -- I wake up early to finish writing and checking e-mail and still be on time for a 10 a.m. interview, a taping for a Sunday discussion show hosted by Michael Putney. Meddle is also on the interview, as another Specimen Anarchist, and we've spent a good bit of time the day before practicing our sound bites. As we wait in the lobby, I tell him we need to put on a glamour, an energetic cape of illusion that will make us appealing. Meddle has blond, boyish good looks -- I tell him to think Luke Skywalker. "You could be Obi-Wan," he suggests, but I tell him I want to be Yoda.

"Many cities trashed have we, but Miami in flames leave it we will," I assure him.