Miami Dispatch: 11/15

Three Meals in One Day!

| November 2003

MIAMI -- I wake up early, after about four hours of sleep, to finish some e-mail and pack up as today we move into the houses we've rented for the Pagan Cluster. But I am flying off to St. Petersberg to speak at a rally. Ruby and Brenda drive me to the airport, and I actually have time to sit down and eat breakfast there. I don't think I've had a sit-down breakfast since I arrived here!

Diane picks me up at the Tampa airport and drives me to her lovely wooden bungalow with a yard full of birds in St. Petersberg. She points out the ospreys and cormorants on the light poles as we drive across the causeway over Tampa Bay. She is French Canadian, part of the local Women in Black group that is sponsoring me here. She has done years of work in Haiti and tells me that the banyan trees are the home of loa, or the spirits/Gods of Voudoun. She has tamed jays to eat out of her hand, once nearly tamed a woodpecker but didn't like its long snakey tongue. We sit and drink tea and role up newspaper batons for the training. Then we go downtown, eat a quick lunch at a Greek restaurant, and go to the rally where I will be speaking. I'm going two for two now -- my second actual meal of the day.