Miami Dispatch: 11/20

Confrontation and Connection

| November 2003

MIAMI -- I wake up instantly at 5 a.m. when I hear others in the house moving around. The calm of the day before is gone, and my stomach is one big knot of tension. Quickly we eat, dress, grab our stuff for the day, and head to our other Pagan house to connect up with the others. We do a quick Tarot reading: Judgment reversed is the significator, the card of the dead reawakening. Lots of positive influences, but reversed, blunted.

The affinity group that is supposed to drive us does not show up, so we quickly rearrange our plans, fill the cars, and head out. We're full of that pre-action tension. A drawbridge over one of the canals goes up, Oh shit, oh shit, we'll never get there . . . they are keeping us out of downtown . . . but it goes down again, and we get dropped off successfully near Government Center, the meeting place for the action.