Miami Garage Sales: A Post-Modern Playground of Cross-Culturalism

| January 19, 2001

Miami Garage Sales: A Post-Modern Playground of Cross-Culturalism, Gaspar González, Miami New Times
Gaspar González of the Miami New Times posits an interesting theory about Miami garage sales. In an age when many college campuses and liberal workplaces make strident claims of diversity, it is fascinating to see diversity naturally achieved when people flock together to dig through a seller's trash. At one sale González recently attended, he witnessed 'an eclectic assortment of people: young and middle-age white couples, a group of Haitian women speaking Kreyol, an elderly Hispanic woman, a biracial lesbian couple, a black mother with her five-year-old son.' But the garage sale experience goes much deeper than a Benetton advertisement. 'The result, says González, 'is that garage sales often function as a kind of carnival, a temporary -- and, for participants, welcome -- suspension of the rigid rules and social circumstances that govern our lives.'
--Amanda Luker
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