Michael Moore Plans Bush-bin Laden Film

| April 11, 2003

If Michael Moore?s Oscar-winning documentary Bowling for Columbine left you hungry for more, you won?t have to wait long for seconds. The controversial filmmaker is hard at work on Fahrenheit 911, a documentary on the ?murky relationship? between former president George Bush and the family of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. The film, set to be released in time for the 2004 presidential election, will suggest that Osama?s father, Mohammed bin Laden, and George senior had a business relationship from which bin Laden profited greatly. Osama reportedly used the $300 million inherited from his father to finance global terrorism. Very murky indeed. Although Moore has received mixed reviews in the wake of his anti-Bush Oscar acceptance speech, he does not seem discouraged: ?The majority of Americans agree with me, see the economy in the toilet, and didn?t vote for George W,? he says. ?People are now realizing you can question your government while still caring about the soldiers.?
?Heather Dewar

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