Mothers on the Road: A Conversation with Kim Gordon and Suzanne Vega

Mothers on the Road: A Conversation with Kim
Gordon and Suzanne Vega,
Ingrid Ducmanis, Heroine

In a refreshingly down-to-earth conversation, singer-songwriter
Suzanne Vega and Sonic Youth bassist and vocalist Kim Gordon talk
about motherhood, music, and touring with kids. Interviewed by
Heroine Magazine editor Ingrid Ducmanis, the two
women prove time and again that celebrities are people, just like
us. Vega worries that her six-year-old daughter Ruby is hooked on
chicken nuggets, perhaps indefinitely. ‘Meals are kind of
difficult,’ she says. ‘Ruby’s been living on chicken nuggets, I
think, for five out of her six years….I had intended her to eat
all this lovely organic food. But it’s been chicken nuggets every
night, or fish sticks.’ And Gordon, a seasoned and edgy rock star,
doesn’t want her six-year-old daughter Coco around anything too
vulgar. ‘Well, there’s some venues where you just don’t want your
kid hanging around,’ she claims. ‘Because maybe the building’s
falling down,…or there’s some weird graffiti or penises drawn all
over.’ But both women — sounding just like moms — agree that the
worst thing about touring with their daughters is the unlimited
access to candy that litters the dressing room.
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