Museum of Sex

| October 16, 2002

Museum of Sex, Web site review by Erica Sagrans
Walking the line between reputable museum and purveyor of all things sexual is no easy task, as New York City's Museum of Sex has begun to learn. MoSex, as it is known, opened early this October with the exhibit 'NYC Sex: How New York City Transformed Sex in America.' After's columnists decried its lack of raunch, the museum's head curator explained that the project may have erred on the side of too much museum: 'This first exhibit is meant to show that we're serious.' While MoSex's Web site features an interactive map of Manhattan on which to record one's own sexual exploits, and the museum includes the history of police raids on bathhouses and examples of early abortion tools, some critics are yet to be convinced MoSex is not pure smut. As Louis Giovino from the Catholic League wonders, 'Who would want to pay $17 dollars (for MoSex admission) when they can get the same thing for 25 cents (at a peep show in Times Square)?'
--Erica Sagrans
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