Music to Our Ears

Utne staffers chime in on their favorite sounds

| July / August 2005

horses chewing carrots
sisters in the kitchen
meadowlarks singing in the morning
a lover's moan
a raven's BRAWK!
the snap and crackle of a fire
a stampede
whispered sweet somethings
flowing water
a Harley-Davidson motorcycle
the sigh/gurgle/grumble of a dog getting comfortable on the couch
wind blowing through crops
the background noise of the crowd at a baseball game during a radio broadcast
beans or rice being poured into a pan
the heavy 'thud' a dictionary makes when you close it
a head of lettuce being ripped open
the swoosh of a bird in flight
wind chimes
my husband singing Whitney Houston's I'm Every Woman'
snow falling on my jacket
my former girlfriend's phone voice
a garage door going up
the dishwasher running late in the evening
my husband's voice
random conversations overheard on public transportation
snow under my boots
the pop of uncorking a wine bottle
that gurgle-hiss sound the coffee pot makes at the end of a brew
kids playing outdoors on summer evenings