My Life as a Nontraditional Ticket Reallocation Specialist

| March 11, 2002

My Life as a Nontraditional Ticket Reallocation Specialist, Sonny R. Orben, Business 2.0
Don't call him a scalper. He's not out to scam you like the jittery cokehead who will overcharge you for a seat; Sonny Orben only wants to build a business relationship. In Business 2.0, a magazine that covers smart, innovative business practices, Orben shows how a typical night outside a concert hall earns him $120 and makes one couple's night. As opposed to scalpers, Orben won't sell tickets for more than face value. He sees it as a natural progression from his sales and telemarketing background. Using his business acumen, he charts events around town noting factors such as day of week, pricing, popularity of show and evaluates the market for a given event. He sees his work as a function of supply and demand. 'No, I don't have a ticket broker's license,' he writes, 'but I make a market, take a risk, and get paid for it, just like a Wall Street broker.' Read the rest of the article to see if you can tell the difference between a 'nontraditional ticket reallocation specialist' and a scalper.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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